Best short Bob Hairstyle – what to do or not to do?

The bob hairstyle is widely popular, that is a fact, but it is, nonetheless, a short hairstyle. It is difficult to convince a woman to try out a short hairstyle. There are some women who are adepts of shorter hair, but for most women, femininity means long hair. So to convince a girl she will look good with a bob hairstyle is toughie. And why would we try? Any woman has to be comfortable with her hairstyle and not just persuaded to wear her hair a certain way. However, we feel that it is our duty, as a hairstyle oriented site to list again some of the advantages of a bob hairstyle. First of all, there are so many ways to style a bob. You can go for the classic bob hairstyle, like Victoria Beckham. This kind of style, shorter in the back and longer in the front, is the classic way to wear the bob hairstyle and it is amazing. It is flattering especially for the oval shaped faces and it looks elegant, but effortless. If you are trying to hide a more squared face, you can go for a chin length bob.

Best short Bob Hairstyle

The edges of the bob should hide the edges of your face and frame your face creating the illusion of a perfect face shape. If you have a round face, what you want to do is lengthen it so the best thing to do is to go for a longer bob. If the hair is longer on the sides, it will create the desired impression. A bob hairstyle an also be accessorized, if you don’t want to stick to the classic bob shape. You can go for bangs, whether they are straight, side swept or fringe. Any time of bang goes great with the bob hairstyle and integrates perfectly, this being one of the major advantages of a short hairstyle. Also, if you like to walk a little on the wild side, a great option is to go for an asymmetric bob. An asymmetric bob can go as far as you want. You can create minor differences between the sides of your hair or go crazy and go for some dramatic ones. Other options are the textured bob which can do wonders in what hair volume is concerned or a curly bob for the ladies out there that prefer the curls. There is no end to the way you can style your bob haircut and here, on our site, we have a lot of inspiration for you if you are considering this type of hairstyle. It is an ever changing hairstyle with the ability of always being trendy, always looking great and always providing a fresh approach so that you will never get bored of your bob haircut.

Best short Bob Hairstyle

If you’re a bob hairstyle addict, we’re sure you know all about the angled bob. It is a type of a bob hairstyle that is… well, cut in an angle. Pretty simple, right? Many celebrities out there are sporting the angled bob hairstyle and you can look some pictures for inspiration if this is a style you are considering. How can you achieve this kind of haircut? Well, first you may want to decide on the depth of the angle. The deeper you go into the cut, the shorter the bob will be in the back, but also, the more interesting the haircut is going to be. Also, you can go for some layers or changes in hair texture if you don’t want anything too blunt. But for the depth of the angle, probably the most important thing is the face shape. For instance, if you have a round face, you don’t want a bob starting at your chin line, this will only make your face appear to be as round as a ball. You will want to start the bob line between your chin and shoulders so as to elongate your face. Also, if you have a square face, you may want to cut your bob exactly chin lined, as to hide the prominent jaw line. A good idea is to determine your face shape and find some celebrities that have the same face shape as you do.

The type of hairstyle they choose may be the same type of hairstyle you should be aiming for, considering they spend a lot of money on stylist and image. On another note, if you do choose an angled bob but feel like you need a little something extra, why not go for bangs as well. Side bangs go great with an angled bob haircut and a round face. For other face types, you can go for straight bangs or some choppy bangs if you wanna get more creative. However, if you plan on getting an asymmetric angled bob, you should forget about the bangs because you run the risk of your bangs getting all the attention away from the asymmetry. Finally, a great away to give dimension to your angled bob is to tease the hair in the back. Thus, the hair will start low and long in the front and gradually grow in volume but lose length in the back. This will give your bob hairstyle an amazing shape which guarantees a trendy fashionable look, ready to get all eyes on you.

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