Best Short Hairstyle gallery for 2019

There are so many celebrities showing off amazing short hairstyles out there that we really have to wonder why some ladies don’t just take the plunge and try a short haircut themselves. A short hairstyle may be a very big change, but you do have to try it at least once.

And if there ever was a moment for trying it, this is it because short hair was never as trendy as it was now. A short hairstyle is not only convenient and very trendy, but it is also a fabulous chance for your hair to take a breather and regenerate. And last but not least, your hair will grow back so if you decide that short hair is not for you, you will be back to your normal self in a few months. We compiled a few pictures for you today with some beautiful short hairstyles shown off on the red carpet so that you have a little place to start from and inspiration for when you decide to choose a hair style that will take you out of a rut. Emma Watson has an amazing short hairstyle, a pixie hairstyle to be more exact. This haircut fits her like a glove and goes great with her skinny body. It may be a boyish look, but she knows how to make it look extra feminine through fashion, makeup and sometimes she adds some hair accessories that look darling on her and giver a little extra sparkle.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson has an amazing short hairstyle

This is a look that completely accentuates facial features and will flatter anyone with a lovely bone structure, big eyes or a charming smile. Carey Mulligan shows off a side swept cropped hairstyle that reminds us of the elegant British hairstyles that we all know and love. This is a hair style that exudes class and topped off with a golden blonde color will give a touch of class to anyone. It is amazing how much you can get out of a simple short hairstyle and care Mulligan shows that something as simple as a side swept cut can make you look like an aristocrat and a confident lady.  Chloe Moretz on the other hand, doesn’t agree with perfectly cut hair or perfectly combed dos. She prefers a blunt cut sort of bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is amazing, daring and goes well with almost any hair texture. It is a totally flattering hairstyle, if you wear it right. If you’re not careful about it you may wind up looking a bit trampy because the hairstyle is shaggy enough as it is. But some natural makeup and the right attitude will make you look like you just came from the cat walk. A short hairstyle is tricky business if you’re afraid of letting go of your long lock. But with the right inspiration, the right stylist and the right attitude you may find that a short hairstyle is just what you needed to have a fabulous new look.

Chloe Moretz best short haircuts

The bob hairstyle, like any hairstyle, has a point where it all began. Sure, the roots of this hairstyle can be found as early as the 1930’ but in our days, the ones who bring any hairstyle to hair salons all over the world are celebrities. And for the bob hairstyle, the celebrities who made it happen were two of the most stylish icons out there: Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. We’ve talked about the Victoria Beckham look in the past. Today we are talking a trip down memory lane with Katie Holmes. Even though her bob hairstyle is from a couple of years ago, the bob is trendier right now than it ever was so we thought that you would like to see where it all started from and, most of all, you could use some inspiration if you’re planning on adopting a bob hairstyle and want to go with something simple and classic. Katie Holmes has the look of a innocent little girl, even though she is a wife and mother. And it was just a matter of time until she found that hairstyle that would make us think: does that hairstyle flatter the girl inside her or the lady?

Katie Holmes short bob hairstyles 2019

The bob hairstyle has that power and versatility. By choosing the bob hairstyle, she got a short hairstyle that frames her sweet round face and makes her look cute as a button. Also, she went for very long, thick bangs that we all know that they tend to take years off.  But on the other hand, she kept the hair shorter in the back, giving the look a fancy twist and teased the hair to give it more volume so she looks like a sassy pin up girl. Basically, this Katie Holmes look is does something for the hair that all girls want from the hairstyle. It makes you look young but classy and sexy at the same time. It is a stylish look that is perfect for any occasion, no matter if you’re going to the office, out with the girls or on a romantic date.  And because it is a short hairstyle, it leave plenty of room to play with accessories and put a little accent on your fashion sense. Also, it is a known fact that Katie Holmes can do no wrong on the red carpet so taking a little fashion advice from her can’t go wrong. An advice from us? Try the bob hairstyle and if you’re not ready for the new variations of the hairstyle, go with this classic stylish cut. You can’t go wrong with it and you can always change it up a bit for when you want a little something different. There are tons of ideas here on our site to do just that.

Taylor- Swift hairstyle-bob hairstyle
Best Short Hairstyle gallery for 2019
Best Short Hairstyle gallery for 2019
Best Short Hairstyle gallery for 2019

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