Best short straight hairstyles for women 2019

If you have short hair and want something new but trendy and easygoing, you could go for the greatest trend this season: the short straight hairstyle. Short or medium length hair with a very straight texture is all the rage right now. Depending on the style of your cut, it can flatter any face shape and facial features. The great thing is that, once your hair is perfectly straight, you got nothing left to do but look amazing. The free flow of the hair will make you look trendy and ready to rock any occasion. For instance, Rihanna is a fan of this hair style. Her fierce red color gives the look an amazing pop and the texture of the hair makes her look cool no matter what she decides to do that evening.

Also, notice her accessories. Chin length and perfectly straight hair goes amazing with large loop earrings. It elongates your face and gives you sparkle and a touch of class. Jessica Stroup on the other hand, went for a side parted short straight haircut. With no accessories whatsoever, her look is clean, distinguished and a little retro which is always a major plus. Lissy Trulli shows off another option. If you go for the short straight hairstyle but want something a little more boyish, do this sweep across. It look a little bit like Justin Bieber’s sort of style, but a little more feminine. It is a great style for a punk or emo look and it will make you stand out in any crowd. Hayden Panettiere showed off her short straight hairstyle. While she does look amazing, we can’t help but sob quietly while remembering her luscious golden long hair locks. Before you decide on such a radical change, make sure you are ready for one. Long hair is amazing and it will really take you a long time to grow it out again. On the other hand Michelle Williams looks great as she always does with her short straight hairstyle. Michelle Williams always had a boyish quality, which even though it is pretty hot, it makes long her not suit her as well as short hair. And with the propper retro makeup that she always wears, it does add a touch of femininity without losing her charming boyish appeal.

You have blond hair and want a bob hairstyle but are really not decided whether it is the look for you? We’re saying do it! While the bob hairstyle was brought back to the trendy scene by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes which are both brunettes, the blond bob is probably the best bob color if you want a little touch of retro. And we all know vintage looks are all the rage right now. A blond hair color is always great and always trendy and does not go, as it is claimed by many, only with curly lock of long hair. If you think of a Marilyn Monroe sort of style, you are thinking right! A curly short bob hairstyle with some red lipstick is all you need to be glamorous at any occasion. The retro look is definitely in so why not try to shed a little light on all the brunette trends that are going on right now. If you want to change your appearance a little, don’t color your hair just because everybody’s doing it. Why not cut it into a lovely bob hairstyle that will set you apart in the crowd. A bob hairstyle will always be trendy and happening. It can be styled in numerous ways. You can wear your hair straight or give it some curls. You ca wear a messy bob hairstyle by letting your hair go frizzy and stop obsessing over the humidity of this season. You can wear an asymmetric bob hairstyle that will definitely give you a punk rock quality. Also, you can try some bangs or some side parts to do things a little bit differently each day. And if that is not enough to convince you that a short haircut like the bob hairstyle won’t send you into a boring rut, then just think that there is nothing sassier than a daring bob hairstyle that is platinum blond. After all, the cold season is upon us and the cold hair color will make you fit right both with the white background and with the red color that accompany Christmas. And if you need a little inspiration, there are many celebrities that love the blonde bob hairstyle like Jessica Simpson or Jenny McCarthy.

Best short straight hairstyles for women 2019

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