Black hairstyles, why not give them a try?

Black hair is special, beautiful and so versatile. But women who have black hair often forget about their roots. No, we are not talking about grown out roots and forgetting to dye them, but about the roots of the black hairstyles. Because of the ever growing attention given to hairstyles nowadays, most of us are tempted to do what is trendy to our hair, rather than what is suitable. Sure, a trendy hairstyle can give you a change of look, but is that really you? Will you really like it for a long time?

Most of us go with what we see in magazines and what are stylists says we should go with but we forget to listen to our personal taste and what we like and feel comfortable with. That is the reason why so many women with black hair eventually grow out the traditional black hairstyles and go for trendier ones. But we compiled here a short gallery of some lovely black hairstyles to remind you how stunning and cool they can actually be. Black hair, in all its splendor, goes amazing with styles like Afro, dreadlocks, braids or just the natural curls. And of course, there is also the option of straightening the hair and revealing its beautiful natural shine. Whether you go for a short hairstyle or for a long one, make use of the thick hair and natural shine black hair shows off. Take a look at the pictures here on our site and also think about celebrities out there with black hair who set amazing examples, like Beyonce or Naomi Campbell or Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys hairstyles
Beyonce hairstyles

There are also very versatile celebrities, hair-wise, like Rihanna, but in Rihanna’s case, she is a classic example of a hair chameleon. She is really going very far from the idea of black hairstyle in favor of crazier hairstyles while, even though amazingly stunning and beautiful, they do not have the appeal and natural beauty of African hairstyles. It is up to you to decide what kind of fashion trend you want to go for, but remember that your wonderful black hair is a gift and not taking advantage of its natural shape and shine is a pity. An Afro hairstyle or some deadlock or braids are infinitely more interesting and cooler than really red and crazy hair. Also, the hair damage that you will suffer from dying your hair and trying to make it look in a way that is unnatural to its shape will be quite notable. Our advice? Choose a black hairstyle and try it out. Hair that is naturally happy will make you happy with your look as well.

Rihanna hairstyles ideas for black hair

Individual braids for black hairstyle

Black hair is the sort of hair that, while beautiful, causes so many problems. It is thick in volume, but thin in its strands of hair, it is very curly and very prone to frizz. No wonder many women with African hair don’t want to deal with this type of hair every day. There are some ways to make it easier on yourself. You could go for a short hairstyle or go for a chemical relaxation treatment that will make and keep your hair straight for a very long while. But many women do not want to give on their long hair or use really strong chemical on their hair for the ear of the damage that might appear. Of course there are some other options and one of the best options for black hair are the individual braids. This is not only because of the rich heritage of this sort of style in the life of people with African hair but to the many advantages it brings. Individual braids last for a very long while, do not require any kind f chemicals or any every day hair care. As soon as you are up, you are ready to go out the door and rock your braids. Also, braids will probably be in stile for ever so the trends are not really an issue. Also, braids can be styles just like regular hair in some up dos for some formal events or just for a change of pace.

The only disadvantage of this sort of hair style is the time it takes to create. It may be a lengthy and somewhat painful process to create all the tiny little individual braids, but the end effect will make it all worth it. Also, at about each two months you will have to make an upkeep of these braids. The hair will start to grow at your roots and while it will not be noticeable at first, after about two months, the roots will start to ruin the desired neat effect of braids. Also, because the hair is all braided up, the scalp is much more exposed and this may cause dryness and dandruff. You should pay extra attention to it while washing your hair and conditioning. And finally, to keep your braids tight and frizz free, you should always use conditioner and even hair masks from time to time to keep the hair from drying up. If the hair becomes too dry, it will brake and your braids will start looking sloppy. If you keep in mind these few little tips you will benefit from a braided hairstyle that will compliment your black hair and save you so much time on styling. Not only that, but you will be sure to always look cool and with a perfect hair style. 

black hairstyles from celebrities

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