Braids – are they right for you?

Black hair has limited options of styling. And this goes for any type of natural curly hair. Natural curls while beautiful and desired by anyone who doesn’t have them, are hard to take care of and can get annoying.  They limit your options in what hairstyles are concerned because you can’t have a normal pony tails, you can easily create un up do or even a bun, you don’t have that smooth and sleek look so it is a challenge. After a while, no matter how much you love your natural curls, you get tired of it and want a style that is easier to take care off. Bangs are not an option. Have you ever tried bangs on a curly hairstyle? Yeah, they may change it up a bit, but they will also misbehave and make people think you’re on your way to a costume party dressed as Little Bo Peep. Straightening your hair is an option, but not one for a long amount of time, it is lucrative and will damage your hair. And if a little rain catches you while you’re out, all your hard work will be ruined. So what to do? Well, African hair goes great, since like forever, with braids. Braids are one style that will never go out of… well… style. But are they right for you? First of all, to get braids you must be a really patient person. Braiding all your hair is a lucrative process and it is advised to get this done by a stylist. The braids need to be fairly small, tight and done with a lot of patience in order to look the way they should. Also, think that this is not a pain free process. Some hair tugging will definitely be involved in all of this. Secondly, braids, although convenient and a hair style in themselves, need to be taken care of. Sure, you don’t have to style the hair, but you will have to wash it and dry it very carefully. Because of braids, the scalp is way more prone to dryness so you will have to watch out for dandruff. Wash your hair with an appropriate shampoo and never skip the conditioner. Not only your scalp will thank you for this, but also your hair which tends to dry off while in braided form. Also, try to avoid drying your hair with a blow drier. This will make your hair frizzy and it will make it prone to breakage which will have your braids looking like a mess. You will want to let your hair dry naturally and be patient about it because, your hair being braided, this will take a lot longer that you are used too. What is the upside of braids? Well, once you have your braids, you can style your hair like straight hair. You can make use of pony tails and buns and you can have a sleeker look. Also, you are ready to go just as soon as you are up cause a braid hairstyle is a style that always looks amazing.

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