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Short haircuts on celebrities

Victoria Beckham has amazing style sense. Err… her stylists has amazing style sense, we know. However, when we need inspiration for a new hairstyle, for instance, we tend to look towards celebrities.

Victoria Beckham Short Hairstyles

First of all, because it is clear they have an army of people taking care of their appearance so it is pretty hard to go wrong when you listen to the advice of so many style experts. Secondly, what celebrities wear today will most likely be a trend tomorrow so if you want to be one step ahead and look amazing first and not look like you’re copying your friends, taking a look at some celebrity photos may be the way to go. Inspiration taken from celebrities, whether you’re using movies, TV, magazines or the internet is a major factor you have to take into consideration when you choose your new hairstyle. Many hair stylists actually ask you what celebrity hair you like most in order to get the sense of what your taste in hair style is and what you’re aiming for. We have compiled here, on our site, a little gallery of photos with celebrities with darling short hair styles. The short hairstyle is a growing hair industry and a major fashion trend. Most fashion addicted women have given up the long locks of lovely hair for more edgy shorter cuts. This frees up the face and draws attention to the facial features. It can flatter a beautiful bone structure or hide some flaws. Also, it has the advantage of quick styling.

Victoria Beckham short hair looks amazing in a very short amount of time. Not to mention the time you save in the shower and with blow drying your hair. But on to celebrities. Victoria Beckham has always been a lover of short hairstyles and here we have her with a blunt cut simple bob which really lets her impeccable fashion sense step forward. Atmosphere has an amazingly daring buzz cut that look great on her and gives her a real edge. April Woodard shows off a fauxhawk which is a another edgy short haircut, made for the girls who want a punky, brave look.

Victoria Beckham hairstyles

Victoria Beckham has a lovely pixie cut which gives a sort of fairy look. The dark color of her short hairstyle paired with her very light skin gives her a Goth look which flatters her and shows a side of her we never knew. Rihanna is one of the celebrities who love short hairstyles the most. She always does something new to her hair and looking up some pictures of her will give you almost endless ideas of how to style your short hair or what to choose if you are just deciding on a short hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham pixie

How to restyle your bob Hairstyle is lovely! It is ready to go anytime you need it. When you get out of bed, you can style it fast, when you want to go out and party, it’s easy to get your hair looking glamorous. But after a while, a short hairstyle like a bob can get a little boring. Sure, it’s easy to style and it looks amazing, but you can’t really do an up do, or a braid. Maybe you fancy a pony tail or a messy bun, but it really isn’t an option. So what can you do when you get bored with your hair and it’s really starting to get on your nerves? You can’t really cut your hair, it’s already a short hairstyle, nor do you want any hair extensions. They are expensive both in what buying them is concerned and in styling.

And let’s face it: they tend to look fake and sometimes just really cheap, even though you spent quite some money on them. But have no fear, you are really not stuck as you might think you are. There are numerous options for giving your bob hairstyle a twist without compromising your… bob hairstyle. If what you are looking for is just a tiny little change, to have something new to look at, but nothing radical to shock, you can try some lowlights or highlights. If you have dark colored hair, some highlights in your bob hairstyle you brighten your face and make your hair appear to be thicker. If you have a light color you may wanna go for some lowlights to make your hair look like it has more volume and give your eyes and facial features more definition. Of course, this is not a rule.

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