Hairstyles for short hair: Choppy Short hairstyles

One of the perks of having short hair, compared to long hair, is the option of choppy hairstyles. Choppy hair is an ever growing hair trend that can make you look instantly fashionable, punk, rock and glam at the same time. Also, it is an easy style to achieve and manage and it can flatter almost any face shape. Now, to find all of these qualities into one hair style, you must admit that it is tempting to chop off your locks. What you must avoid, however, is to try and do this style yourself. Although choppy hair may look easy to do, in order for the end effect to be a glamorous one and not a sloppy one, you must ask the aid of a stylist. Before going to the scissors, you must decide on the length of the hair. You should have in mind that, the shorter the hair, the easier it is for your choppy ends to stay in place. However, if your hair is too short, you run the risk of having a bad haircut for weekend or end up with an overgrown pixie haircut. Also, you should decide if you want bangs or not.

Victoria Beckham Choppy Short hairstyles

You can go either way, but do try to avoid the straight bangs with chopped hair look. It looks out of date and it is in pretty bad taste. If you go choppy, go choppy all the way. In addition to your rock-on choppy ends, you can go for some highlights or lowlights. The difference in hair color will add a little bit of extra glam to your new hairstyle and draw the eye to the different patterns in your hair. Finally, the most important thing to consider is the nature of your hair. A choppy hairstyle works only on very straight hair. If you have wavy hair or, worse, curly hair, this style will not work for you. So if you really crave a choppy haircut, you should know that you will be dealing quite a bit with your hair strightener. However, if you have straight hair, after the styling is done, the day to day styling will be a breeze. All you have to do is run your fingers through your hair for the daily look, and use some fixing product on the ends to make the really stand out, for when you have a night out and want  a little something extra.

If you have a short hairstyle and especially a bob hairstyle, you know that the styling options are not exactly infinite. When you have long hair, you can make use of pony tails, braids, you can do fancy up-dos and so on. However, a short hairstyle limits your possibilities of playing with your hair and you may end up feeling a little bit bored with your style. Thus, a solution for refreshing your look and drawing the eyes back to you is going for some highlights or lowlights. If you have blonde hair or just some lighter colors, you will go for some lowlights for an interesting darker effect without having to lose your “blonds have more fun” look. If you have dark hair, some highlights are great for a little luminosity. Dark hair can be harsh on your features and some highlights are the best way to go without having to sacrifice your passion for not being a blonde. What you should know before adding colors to your bob hairstyle is that not all colors go together. For instance, if you have a reddish bob hairstyle and you make some blonde highlights, you may wind up looking like a mixture of ketchup and mustard. What you want to do is get some black or brunette highlights. If you’re a blonde and you go for black lowlights, the contrast may be far more than desired. It is best to go for some brown lowlights. One of the things you can do is take a look at our pictures here and other picture of celebrities who choose highlights and lowlights and see what combo works best for you. However, the best thing to do is to use some weaves of the colors you want for your highlights or lowlights and mix them in with your hair and see if you like the end result. Also, do not try to achieve this style at home. Highlights and lowlights are very difficult to create in order to have a proper style at the end. And for the more courageous of you out there, here’s a tip: if you want a more outrageous look and really don’t care about what other people say, why not go for some funky purple or green or blue highlights. It will definitely set you apart in the crowd.

Hairstyles for short hair: Choppy Short hairstyles

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