There’s a trend going on in Hollywood for quite a while now and it seems that it is catching on for other people as well. People or celebrities who wore short hair for years are going for longer hairstyles. Why is this happening and what is the allure of a longer hairstyle?

Firstly, it’s probably boredom. No matter how much one loves short hair, after years and years of wearing it every single day, you get tired of it. And when you want a change, you don’t just darken the shade a bit. No one would notice so there is really no point to it. You go for medium or longer hairstyles with different colors. Long hair is a radical change to go to from a very short hair and you will definitely start some serious gossip. Of course growing longer hair will not happen over the night (maybe only if you use a wig). However, there might be other reasons. Dying ones hair blond for years can cause serious hair damage, and more dangerous, route damage. Artificial blonde hair does a lot of irreparable damage and after a number of years of treating your hair chemically, bleaching your hair, this will start to show. Hair will become stringier, easier to brake, tips will split faster and, in worse cases, hair will fall out a lot more than it is normal.

So what are the advantages of a longer darker hair color? First of all, if you have black hair or are a brunette, you won’t have to color your hair as often as you do with blonde hair. Darker hair does not let roots be visible so fast so you can give your hair a nice break from chemical treatment. Darker longer hair colors are also more on the natural side so if you had enough of the glam look and want to be earthier, a brunette color will be the thing for you. Also, black hair tends to accentuate facial features as it more homogeneous and does not distract the eyes from appearance. If you have blue eyes or green eyes, darker hair will definitely draw attention to that. Brunettes also have a special glow to their hair. While bleaching your hair will take the shine away from it because of chemicals, coloring your hair black or a warm brown will just coat your hair and give it a healthy shine. There are many celebrities who gave up blonde hair because even in blonds have more fun, brunettes are definitely more mysterious.

Long straight hairstyles for women trends:

If you have long hair and want something new but trendy and easygoing, you could go for the greatest trend this season: the long straight hairstyle. Long or medium length hair with a very straight texture is all the rage right now. Depending on the style of your cut, it can flatter any face shape and facial features. The great thing is that, once your hair is perfectly straight, you got nothing left to do but look amazing. The free flow of the hair will make you look trendy and ready to rock any occasion. For instance, Elizabeth Olsen is a fan of this long straight hair style. Her natural brown hair color and beautiful green eyes gives the look an amazing pop and the texture, looks cool no matter what she decides to do that evening. Also, notice her red lipstick, chin length and perfectly straight hair goes amazing with the black dress. It elongates your face and gives you sparkle and a touch of class.

Jennifer Lopez long hair

Nicki Minaj on the other hand, went for a long straight hairstyles using extensions. With no accessories, just some earrings, her look is clean, distinguished and a little retro which is always a major plus, we rarely see her like that. Hayden Panettiere showed off her long straight hairstyle. While she does look amazing, we can’t help but love her luscious golden long hair locks. Long hair is amazing and it will really take you a long time to grow it out again. On the other hand Jennifer Lopez looks great as she always does with her long straight hairstyle. And with the proper retro makeup that she always wears, it does add a touch of femininity without losing her charming boyish appeal.