Medium long hairstyles for black hair

Medium hairstyles for stylish women

Since the medium hairstyles have become so widely popular a couple of years ago, the stylish formal hairstyles have undergone a transformation. Quite a few years ago, a formal hairstyle was not made up of too many choices. You either had the classic high up do, the medium wavy cut or the long hair tangled up into an old formal up do.


Since the medium long hairstyles have taken off, the formal hairstyle has hundreds of options now. It is amazing how many options hair stylists have for you nowadays. It is a known fact that women are busier and busier and so much more career oriented than in the past so most women are looking for a style that can suit their serious worker day lives. The best way to solve this problem is to go for a medium hairstyle. There are so many pictures with celebrities in magazines and here on our site that it is impossible for you not to find the style that best suits your needs. Also, you can ask your stylist. What you want is a style that an look chic and elegant during the day and that can easily go to a style that you can wear out on the town late at night. It is fairly easy to make the transition between to two. All you need is creativity, inspiration and the right hair product. You could try some soft medium curls :

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The big advantage of this hairstyle is that it is a soft, elegant style that gives you the appropriate look for your daily tasks but it can be easily turned into an edgier style. You could straighten the hair and create some funky bangs and put some wax on the tips and make them stand out a little. Also, you could tease the hair and make it into a mini afro hairstyle or a messy hairstyle that always looks so sexy. The advantages of such a medium hairstyles, besides flexibility, is that you can wash and dry your hair a lot faster and you hair will be ready to go far faster than a longer hairstyles. Also, with a medium formal hairstyle there is a lot more room to put other thing into perspective. For instance, if you are a glasses wearer you could go for some bold frames which will definitely not be shadowed by long locks. Also, earrings become way more visible and you can accentuate the eyes and facial features more. Finally, medium hairstyle creates a clear neck. This elongates the neck and makes for an elegant posture which will add to your professional image. It is a known fact that the first impression counts so much so a hairstyle that gives you confidence and a professional and elegant look will definitely add to your professional life and aid you in your career. 


Medium hairstyles for black hair

We know that here on our site we have made it a habit to advice women with black hair to go for longer natural hair, afro cuts and braids, but we are very much aware that there are women out there who love medium-long hairstyle sand we would like to discuss their personal choices a little. First of all, a medium hairstyle for African-American women is a great choice. It is a known fact that the features of women with black hair are amazing at it is a shame to cover them or let them be in the shadow of a certain hair style. A medium hairstyle will always allow you to accentuate your facial features and for women with black hair that is amazing because these women have amazing big black eyes and luscious, fleshy lips. Also, they have an amazing bone structure and putting all of this to work for you is what a good hairstyle is all about. Also, there are certain things you have to consider. If you choose a medium hairstyle, will it work with your natural hair or will you have to alter your texture. You could go for a medium long afro hairstyle which will work perfectly with your natural hair and you can make it as medium as you want. Also, you could opt for a curly bob hairstyle. Your natural defined curls will give the bob something extra compared to the classic bob and your hair will be very easy to style and maintain. Another thing you can do is to go for a straight medium hairstyle. But as we know, most proud owners of African hair have curly hair, sometimes frizzy. So in order to get a straight medium hairstyle you will need to straighten your hair. If you so choose, you need to have in mind that straightening the hair often can cause serious damage. It is best to find a hairstyle that can easily go from straight hair to curly hair so that you are not forced to always use a hair straightener. A big plus for this is that you can vary the hairstyles you sport so you will always look fresh. Finally, if you consider yourself more of a daredevil, you could go for an extreme hairstyle like a fauxhawk. This kind of style is really trending right now and you will be sure to get out of your comfort zone and go out there rocking your new hairstyle.

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