New Short Bob Baircuts Styles Photos 2019

The short bob hairstyle, even if it’s been around for practically forever, it was brought back in style in a very powerful way by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. However, what they brought back was a clean, symmetrical classic bob haircut. And while it is a lovely way to style your hair, fashion, always changing has made some alterations to it in the past couple of years.

Thus, in 2019, the bob hairstyle went from classic clean to casual bob hairstyles. Now you can see bob haircut which aren’t so styled anymore. It sounds ironic, but actually, a great deal of thought goes into these types of haircuts. Now bob haircuts are mostly asymmetrical, roughly cut, even with the just-got-outta-bed look. If you need something new and trendy for your hair, check out this new fashion hair trend. For instance, here we have Lilly Allen, unconventional as always with a blunt cut bob with bangs. This sort of hairstyle suits not only her features but her personality as well. The blunt cut bob hairstyle really works for those gothic chicks out there or for the grunge or punk looks. Lady Gaga is also a fan of the bob hairstyle. We could not tell exactly why she chose a classic symmetrical bob, although it does work for her. But the blunt cut style is really in tone with what we would expect from her. Keri Hilson, on the other hand, has a really unconventional bob.

Chin-skimming Bob Hairstyle

A real definition for the new bob haircut we were talking about. She has an asymmetrical bob haircut with really weird length placement and lovely low lights. Keri Hilson chose elements rarely seen put together into one hairstyle and especially into a bob hairstyle. And amazingly, it comes together into a classy, sophisticated and unconventional hairdo. Chloe Moretz chose a bluntly cut, kiddy like bob haircut giving us the impression of a life size doll. Frankie Sandford on the other hand, styled her asymmetrical bob in daring way. It all adds up to a sizzling sexy look. Ali Bastian has not really made the best choice with her bluntly cut bob hairstyle. It’s not exactly the best look for her facial features. She probably should have gone with the classic Victoria Beckham bob haircut. Nicole Richie on the other hand chose a sporty bob hairstyle and it fits her amazingly. It looks like a simple haircut, but the high lights really give her bob hairstyle a little something extra.

Agyness Deyn Hairstyles bob

Agyness Deyn is a real pioneer for the newest trend in hairstyling. The rage right now is the short, platinum hairstyle and she is one of the first people to create such a wave with her haircut and hair color. Agyness Deyn  is a non conventional supermodel who wears her short hair proudly on the cat walk. With her pixie cuts, sleek smooth crops and platinum blonde color she has inspired many famous designers and has landed on the cover of very important fashion magazines. Agyness Deyn also likes darring fauxhawks which can give you an instantly bold punk look. What you wouldn’t expect from a model but you will frequently see on Agyness Deyn is the buzz cut. This kind of style is a for the very few brave women out there. It is imperatively to think long and hard before you decide on a style like this considering such a short boyish cut will accentuate all your other features and will leave no room for hair styling. However, it will be a breeze to be ready in time for work or partying and it is very trendy to adopt such a boyish haircut. Also, if you have a good bone structure and a sense of style, this type of haircut will put all eyes on them for others to look at and admire. Of course, Agyness Deyn  is also very feminine and she will go for some girly styles from time to time. In the pictures here, you can see her bob haircuts. She will go from a bowl cut bob hairstyle, to a lovely Marylin Monroe curly bob haircut, to an asymmetrical bob haircut with bangs. What is incredible about Agyness Deyn  is that with every change of haircut she looks like a totaly different person and that is what everyone look for in a new hairstyle – change. Also, Agyness Deyn likes to show off some scene hairstyles which give her an emo look, look which she encourages with some punk-rock t-shirts and accessories. All in all, the Agyness Deyn is ever changing and always an inspiration.

Lady Gaga Short Blunt Bob Haircut

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