Rihanna’s Hairstyle Trends Photos 2009 – 2019

Rihanna is the queen of short hairstyles especially the bob haircut, the hairstyle best known for. Here are the best photos of Rihanna’s different hairstyles during the past years to 2019, when Rihanna’s hairstyles are flaunted in BODYLAVA is BACK commercial. Rihanna has always been an inspiration for hairstyles. Rather than commit to one look, Rihanna’s like to change her hairstyle very often, the length, the color and this became her signature.

In the last years, she changed her hair so many times, she could be an anthology for hair all on her own. Rihanna changed her length and her hair color so many times it’s a wonder she has any hair left to style 🙂 . Rihanna started with a short hairstyle with classic loose curls. The bangs framed her face fully in a romantic way. However, in spite of this old school style, she choose a fiery red color which gave the whole look a real kick. Rihanna mentioned on twitter that her hair was ready for something new, something strong, something expressive and fun.

Later this year, by the use of extensions, Rihanna sported a french braid hairstyle that reached past her waist into a romantic look. From this romantic look, Rihanna changed it up pretty fast to sexy, tousled, bouncy bob. Her red fiery hair and the big, stylish, sexified bob hairstyle helped her steal the show at this years Grammys, not that she needed any help in doing that, though. However, being a great business woman, for the launching of her new perfume, “Reb’l Fleur”, Rihanna mixed it up going to a more classy, business look. She wore a lovely retro hairstyle surprising everyone who thought they knew Rihanna. Of course people were expecting to see something outrageous, but she managed to astonish by showing off with a simple look that fitted her features in an amazing way. The longer hairstyle with loose curls gives her a soft, delicate look that not only fits her well but is an unexpected change from her usual crazy hairstyles. Surely, we haven’t seen the end of hair changes for this year.

Rihanna bridal hairstyle

Rihanna still has time to wow us and from what we know, she will definitely surprise everyone with some new and fresh haircuts or hair extension styles. Rihanna is, at this moment, the ultimate hairstyle icon and if you’re looking for inspiration for some day to day looks or party look, for short haircut, long hairstyle or bold updos, you can find anything by checking out some pictures of Rihanna. All that is left is to make sure thar you respect your hair, taking care of it properly so it will allow you to make all the changes you want. Changing your hair as often as Rihanna does might damage your hair if you don’t have an army of stylists making sure everything goes according to plan. However, taking inspiration from a hairstyle guru like Rihanna will always be a good idea, considering she is not only amazingly creative but also always fresh and astonishing.

Rihanna is one of the most iconic celebrities out there. Her career, while with a timid start, has sky-rocketed and is now one of the highest paid artists in the world. Her style is one of the most followed styles out there and her appearances, no matter if they are on the red carpet, in music videos, on TV shows, on the street or in magazines are followed and copied and revered. She is a style chameleon and has definitely become one of the hottest style icons out there. But it’s not only her outrageous and amazing fashion sense that is captivating all the attention. Nor is it her amazing voice or her ever changing music that has fans all over the world dance and to her tunes. What shares this popularity with the other layers of her personality is her hair style.

Rihanna short bob hairstyle with bangs

Rihanna is known for her incredible hairstyles that go above and beyond what’s trendy. She was one of the first stars to bring short hairstyles back. While she started her career with a normal hair style, long brown straight hair (remember her first video?), she quickly went on to cutting her hair into a bob. This bob hairstyle was followed by girls all over the world and was made into a star hairstyle. Thus she showed all girls out there how a bob hairstyle can be beautiful, sensual and just as feminine as a long hairstyle. But Rihanna didn’t stop there, she went on to cutting her hair shorter and shorter and coloring her hair in some outrages colors. Some of the most remarkable of Rihanna’s appearances include the razor cut hairstyle and the fiery red hair. If you have black hair and you are really out of ideas and tired of your natural curls or the classic braids, you can just look at some pictures of Rihanna and you are sure to get some inspiration and have where to pick from. It looks as though Rihanna is on her way to covering almost any hair style imaginable and is a never ending inspiration for both women and hair stylists. What should be thought of, though is that Rihanna has a team of hair stylist behind her so don’t attempt to recreate all the styles you see on her, in the same rhythm she does it, because you risk… running out of hair. Also, she does tend to use hair extensions so before you go cutting your hair, think of short hair on a long term is the thing for you or if you like or afford hair extensions. Also, if you have African American hair, coloring your hair is quite a difficult task, so before trying to get one of those colors for yourself, talk to a stylist and have a colorist take care of your hair. No matter what you choose in the end, though, we are sure you can find a style to your liking inspired by the hair chameleon that Rihanna is.

rihana long hairstyle
rihanna half up hairstyle
Rihanna long curly hairstyles
Rihanna messy updo hair
Rihanna sexy bob
Rihanna side shave punk haircut
Rihanna side shave punk haircut
Rihanna with jet black long hairstyle
Rihanna with jet black long hairstyle
Rihanna black long bangs

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