Formal updos for short hair

If you’re the proud owner of a short hairstyle, you might think that if you have an event coming up that requires a more formal look, you cannot create a formal up do and your hair will have to look just as it does every day. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

There are many formal hairstyles which fit perfectly even on shorter haircuts. All you need is the right inspiration and an agile pair of hands. You could go the safe route and go to a salon. A stylist will definitely know how to create a proper short formal up do or even create a hairstyle that tricks the eye into thinking you have really long hair. If you want to do everything at home yourself and save some money in the process, the internet is filled with photos of formal short up dos. Also, you can find some video of tutorials for formal up dos for short hair. A good idea is to go for a messy style. The internet is filled with tutorials for messy hairstyles that might look very intricate and hard to create, but in reality are done very fast. With the help of a few hair pins and a little teasing, you can create a perfect messy up do that will set you aside in the crowd. However, if you do insist on having a hair style that is more formal and serious, even if it is harder to do, you can go to the internet and follow step by step instructions for creating the desired look. It is a total myth that you have to have long hair in order to have a fancy up do. Finally, if none of these options suit you and you have your heart set on formal up do that requires long hair, you can get some hair extensions, natural or artificial. These will help you get instantly long hair and a glamorous intricate formal up do. But the only way to put extensions on correctly is at a saloon and also, you have to take great care of your hair extensions if you want your fake long hair looking good for as long as possible.

Formal short hairstyle ideas for 2019

Proper styling for your bob hairstyle – the blunt cut bob

A blunt cut bob hairstyle may look like the easiest thing in the world to take care of, but appearances are tricky. To get a blunt cut bob you must be the owner of thick straight hair. If your hair is to thin, the blunt edges will be inexistent, the hair will not hang down to create the blunt cut bob hairstyle look, but they will curl up. Also, if you’re hair is wavy or frizzy or, worse, curly, it is clear that the tips of your hair will go anywhere but down. However, there are solutions.  For those of you who don’t have the proper hair fur a blunt bob haircut, you can always use a hair straightener in order to make your hair very straight. For the lucky ones who have the right hair texture and thickness, how do we achieve this blunt bob? Well, first of all, the stylist must be a pro. For a good blunt cut bob, the cut must be absolutely singular and totally straight. The stylist must cut in only one direction and not create any naturally looking tips. The length can vary, but a bit above the shoulders is ideal, so that the edges of the hair hang freely. Bangs are a good idea too.

You could either go for normal bangs or for bluntly cut bangs in order for the haircut to really come together. Also, a good aid is hair products. Considering that you will be using your hair straightener quite a bit in order for this style to look good, you may want to invest in a  heat protection spray. Use the hair straightener only when the hair is perfectly dry, you have applied the heat protection product and that has finished drying as well.  A good idea is to use some sealing serum for the tips of your hair, to make sure they will stay on good and straight and to get some humidity protection. If you have wavy, frizzy or curly hair, you can kick it up a notch and use a little bit of wax for your hair tips. And to top it all off, the best look, for a blunt cut bob is the shiny one. So use some shine spray to give the whole look a perfect finish. For a blunt bob hairstyle, the most dangerous enemy is frizz and humidity. Do not overlook this because, once the hair starts getting frizzy, the whole look is out the windows. So use shampoo and conditioner that promotes frizzless hair and try to comb your hair with a professional brush. Professional brushes have the quality of negative ions which don’t let your hair frizz.

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