Short hairstyle – can you handle it?

A short hairstyle is what makes most women cringe up and not want to hear the rest of the argument. Cutting ones hair short seems like a punishment or something. It is a known fact that most women think that in order to appear feminine and desirable, they have to have long locks flowing down their shoulders. But ladies, it is 2019.

Short hairstyle – can you handle it?

Let’s forget a bit about what society wants a lady to show off as hairstyle and think what we want from our hair. Sure, you can say that a part of society wants girls to have shorter hair because of totally different reasons. A girl wearing a pants suit and sporting a short and boyish hairstyle will look like a man eater and it seems like that is the only way a woman can be taken seriously nowadays. But no matter the reason why short hairstyles get bad reps, we are here to dethrone them. Of course, we do need some aid and celebrities do their part. It is a huge trend among stars lately to have short hairstyles. Sure, they take it to extreme places, like Rihanna for instance, but that doesn’t mean an edgy woman can’t copy the style or can’t modify it to fit personal taste or day to day lifestyle. Sure, there are some celebrities sporting hairstyles that are really easy to copy and wear like Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes is known for her very quiet hairstyles, darling hairstyles that everyone loves and really suits her angelic features.

These kinds of styles are really easily adoptable by anybody and anyone who is looking for a “calm” short hairstyle should give them a whirl. She started with a traditional bob hairstyle, but then went on to shorter hairstyles. Some may consider these hairstyles too short, but she pulls them off well. And it is so visible how a short hairstyle accentuates facial features and leaves more room to play with makeup and accessories. Who doesn’t love that?! So why back away from a short hairstyle. It is obvious that it can work really well if you know how to style it. Also, the time saved on washing and drying your hair will be really appreciated. You can use that extra time for yourself. Not to mention the fact that keeping your hair short allows you to keep up with regular trims. When your hair is long, you don’t cut it as often cause you want it to be longer. When you want your hair to stay short and maintain your hairstyle, you will cut it more often and this will allow the hair to regenerate and be stringer and healthier. And if you do go for a short hairstyle and end up deciding it is not for you, remember that hair always grows back and at least you tried.

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